About the Department

The Department of English works with a vision of developing language skills with a special focus on speaking and writing skills. The students are exposed to the rudiments of language learning and are encouraged to hone their aural skills. More care and support are given to first generation learners who slowly shed their inhibitions and fear of speaking English through constant motivation and support provided by the department. Every student is given ample opportunities to maximize their language skills. The department strives to bring the best out of students’ potential by adopting a friendly and a well -studied approach which help the students fluently wield English and to write flawlessly. The students are trained to present themselves effectively with appropriate body language. The 100% results produced by the department testify the efficacy of the teaching – learning process. English department plays a pivotal role in producing engineers equipped with English language skills. Practice session for the III-year students as part of the Communication Skills Laboratory fortify LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) skills. Students confidently exhibit their latent skills, participate in symposia, confidently face placement interviews and are equipped to tackle the requirements of the industry which helps them emerge successful in today’s competitive scenario.