B.Tech.Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

About the Department

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AI&DS) a new program is being introduced and approved by all India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Accredited by NAAC and affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. Our department is committed to promote and support effective learning and teaching through talented and experienced team of faculty members who motivate students to achieve their academic and career goals. Impact AI is broad domain that includes Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and few allied domains such as Computer Vision, Internet of things, Natural Language processing and so on. In this digital transformation and the era of Automation, the Intelligence Systems are being developed those can think and take the decisions on their own, the important applications of AI can be seen in Agriculture, Banking, Transportation, Health care, Pharmacy, Robotics, Customer Services, Fiancé Sectors, Digital Media, Governance etc., To Build Such kind of technology, the user workforce is required to work at various national, and multinational organization, that is the motivation behind launching this programme in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.


To lead the way in advancing the domains of Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences, empowering students as future ready leaders equipped with innovation, to address societal issues, and create a meaningful global impact.


1. To empower students by imparting a comprehensive education in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences, cultivating a profound grasp of fundamental principles and methodologies in cutting-edge technologies.

2. To cultivate a strong connection with industries to encourage partnerships in technology training, facilitate internships, and prepare students to become industry-ready professionals.

3. To encourage and endorse students' involvement in research and entrepreneurship with an innovative approach that effectively tackles real-world challenges.