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Mr.M.P. Karthik

Mr. M. P. Karthik is an Assistant Professor at SSMIET in the Civil Engineering disciplines. He is working as a faculty in SSMIET for the past 5 Years 5 Months. He has 5.5 Years of Teaching Experience in Engineering colleges. He is having one year Industrial experience. His research is mainly focused on Structural Engineering and Concrete Technology.

Contact:  mpandian.karthik@gmail.com  & 9965713108

  • Ph.D. (Pursuing), Anna University Chennai.
  • M.E. (Structural Engineering), Sri Krishna College of Technology, Coimbatore, 2013.
  • B.E. (Civil Engineering), Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, 2010.

Karthik’s area of research is broadly focused on replacement of cement in concrete, using fly ash and GGBS with the help of various fibres and analysing the behaviour through software like ANSYS.


Geo polymer is used as binder to completely replace the ordinary Portland cement in producing Geo polymer concrete (GPC). The main advantage is rapid strength gain, elimination of water curing, good mechanical and durability properties and is additional eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). The main objective of this project is to investigate the flexural behaviour of hybrid fibre reinforced concrete, replacing the cement by geo polymer called as Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Geo Polymer Concrete (HyFGPC). The fibres using in this project was Reinforcement Bars (Rebar) as metallic fibres which was acquired from the renovated or demolished buildings, with the combination of non-metallic fibres. Various mix ratios of geo polymer and different volume fractions of fibres are going to use in this investigation.

Below is a list of my publications. Copyright and all rights therein are retained by authors or by other copyright holders.

  1. Paper entitled on “Shear Behaviour of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete – A General Review” Indian Journal of Engineering, Vol: 02, No: 03, 2013, pp: 1-2.
  2. Paper entitled on “Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Available of Rural Fibres” International Journal of Engineering Science & Research Technology, Vol:02, No:04, 2013, pp:843-847.
  3. P. Karthik and D. Maruthachalam “Experimental Study on Shear Behaviour of Hybrid Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams” KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, pISSN 1226-7988, eISSN 1976-3808,(e-journal), DOI: 10.1007/s12205-013-2350-1, pp:1-6.
  4. P. Karthik and D. Maruthachalam “Mechanical properties of high strength concrete with metallic and non-metallic fibres” Journal of Structural Engineering – SERC, ISSN: 09700137, pp: 1392.
  5. P. Karthik and V. Sree Vidya “Experimental Investigation on Strength Characteristics of Concrete” International Journal of Scientific research – The Global Journal, ISSN: 2277-8179, pp: 1-4.
  6. P.Karthik, Dr. V. SreeVidya, Dr. Robert Ravi and M. Gowtham Raj (2016), “Experimental study on flexural and shear behavior of fibre reinforced concrete beams” Advances in Natural and Applied Sciences, AENSI Publication, Vol:10, pp:57-64.

Presentation in Conference

  • Presented a paper entitled on “Experimental Investigation on Strength Characteristics of Natural Fiber Concrete Beams” in International Conference on Recent Trends in Mechanical and Civil Engineering (ICRTMCE’16) organized by Department of Mechanical & Civil Engineering, Christian College of Engineering and Technology, Oddanchatram, Dindigul.
  • Designation: Site Engineering at Kanna Associates, Dindigul (05.06.2006 to 24.06.2007) Duration: 1 year and 19 days.

Project: Apartment Construction

  • Designation: Lecturer at Maharani Polytechnic College, Dharapuram (16.06.2010 to 30.04.2011) Duration: 10 Months and 15 days.
  • Designation: Lecturer at Christian College of Engineering and Technology, Oddanchatram (01.05.2011 to 16.09.2014) Duration: 3 Months and 15 days.
  • Designation: Assistant Professor at SSM Institute of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul (17.06.2013 to Till now).


  • Member, Indian Society of Technical Education
  • International Society for Photogrammetric and Remote Sensing


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