SSMIET takes pride in offering a well-stocked Library with 16000 volumes and 4500 titles of recent and relevant books in every subject by authors of national and international repute. To enhance the quality of learning and to reinforce research drive amongst the students SSMIET subscribes to outstanding e-journals (Elsevier, IEEE, J-Gate, ASCE, McGraw Hill, ASME, Springer, ASTM). Moreover, Multifarious and multi disciplinary titles are available for students to equip themselves with latest trends in technology and overall development in their personality. The Competent teachers instill in the young minds the habit of reading all the dailies and weeklies which transform the students from scholars to smartest beings. SSMIET subscribes to 50 National Journals, 36 International Journals and 20 Magazines. All copies are made available to both the teacher and the taught.

Due to the advent of technology and speed of process in the library system all the functions are automated. For handling thousands of books, journals and publications, library automation has been evolved from the beginning.

M.Com., M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Mr.S.B. Puhalendiran
M.A., M.Phil., M.L.I.Sc.
Assistant Librarian
D.T.Ed., M.A.
Library Assistant

Working Hours

On all working days: 8.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.

  • Guidelines to the users:

    • All the users must register their names while entering into the library through their Bar-coded ID cards.
    • ID cards are not transferable. Members are responsible for the books borrowed on their ID cards.
    • ID card has to be produced at the time of borrowing books.
    • The books borrowed have to be returned on or before the due date. Defaulters have to pay the prescribed fine for each book.
    • Loss of ID card should be reported immediately to the Librarian in writing.
    • As the library is meant for silent reading and reference, the users are expected to maintain the same.
    • Personal belongings, text books and any printed materials are not allowed to be taken inside the library. However plain white sheets are allowed to take relevant notes.
    • Strict discipline must be maintained in the Library.
    • Students are instructed to handle books and reading materials very carefully. Marking in library books with pencil or ink, tearing the pages or spoiling the same in any other way will be viewed very seriously.
    • Damage to the properties inside the library will fetch a penalty twice the cost of the materials.
    • Users should switch off the lights and fans when not required or while leaving the reading hall.
    • Users are expected to keep the library and the campus neat and tidy.

Issue and Return of Books

  • A student is entitled to keep a book for 15 days from the date of issue. For staff members the period of issue is three months.
  • Only one renewal can be done at a time and books need to be physically presented for renewals.
  • Reference books, Periodicals and copies of University examination question papers will not be lent.
  • When books are issued, students should check the pages of the issued books and if pages are found missing, they should report the same to the Librarian before leaving the Counter. On returning the books, if pages are found missing, then the last borrower of the book shall be held accountable for the missing pages and shall accordingly be fined.
  • The Librarian may recall any book at any time even if the normal period of loan has not expired.
  • Absence from the college will not be permitted as an excuse for delay in returning the books.


Lending and Borrowing Books:


Borrowing of books is regulated as follows:


  • Faculty : 8 Books
  • Non-Teaching Staff : 2 Books
  • I &II year Students : 2 Books
  • III &IV year students : 3 Books
  • ME students : 4 Books


Overdue Charges


For default of return of books on the due date, a fine of Rs.2/- per day/per book will be levied.

Loss of Books


Loss of books should be reported to the librarian immediately in writing and the member should either replace it with another good copy of same edition or pay twice the cost of the book in addition to overdue charges.

No Due Clearance


  • Final year students must return the library books before the issue of Hall Tickets and get the ‘No dues certificate’ from the library. Rest of the students shall surrender all their books after the theory examinations.
  • ‘No Dues certificate’ must be obtained by a student, before he/she leaves the college.

The Librarian,

SSM Institute of Engineering and Technology,

Dindigul - 624 002.

Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone: 0451 - 2448827.

E-mail Id:


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