Electrical and Electronics Engineering


To become a pioneer in providing education and training in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and deliver quality services to match the needs of the industry and society.


  • To impart quality education by adopting holistic and innovative approach in training.
  • To mould the personality of young professionals by nurturing the leadership qualities and individuality  with the sole intension to take up the challenge in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • Encourage research and development to groom students as globally acknowledged Electrical and Electronics Engineering professionals

About the Department

The department was started with an intake of 60 in the year 2013. The asset of the department is its highly qualified faculty members with excellent academic records and well established laboratory facilities since inception. The department organizes various value added programmes, seminars, industrial visits and workshops for the benefits of the students and faculty members. It also continuously coordinates with the training and placement cell to provide opportunities for its students in core areas of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and software development. The main objective of the department is to develop illustrious engineering graduates of high caliber who occupy prestigious positions in the academia and industrial fields. Apart from academics, the department hosts clubs for co-curricular and extracurricular activities clubs as EEE Association, ISTE activities and Tamil mandram events. The department has well equipped laboratories in Engineering practices, Control and Instrumentation, Power electronics, Electrical Machines, Powersystem simulation with modern training and research The department has the latest simulation tools to facilitate learning in various specializations

M.E., M.B.A., Ph.D.,
Professor and Head
Associate Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Mr.G.Satheesh Kumar
Assistant Professor
Mr.T.Arul Kumar
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Mr.P.Siva Subramanian
Assistant Professor
Mr.M.Edwin Lawrance
Assistant Professor
Mr.B.Mari Sekar
Assistant Professor
Assistant professor
Teaching Assistant
Mrs.P.Mohana Karthiga
Teaching Assistant
Assistant Professor
Technical Assistant
Technical Assistant
Mr.J.Christhu Raja
Technical Assistant

Engineering Practices Lab

This laboratory imparts practical Knowledge to the students about the household wiring, winding of transformers and machines. It also facilitates the study of energy conservation and safety in electrical systems. This lab is equipped with Power tools like Range Finder, Digital Live Wire Detector, Megger, Single Phase Auto Transformer, etc.,

Electrical Machines Lab

This laboratory imparts knowledge about characteristics and behavior of the DC and AC Machines. The Electrical Machines Lab is equipped with major equipment like D.C Motor – Generator set single phase and three phase Conventional Transformers, D.C. Motor – Alternator set, single phase and three phase Induction motors, single phase and three phase Auto-Transformers, three phase Synchronous Motors, DC Rectifier and Distribution Panels.

Power Electronics Lab

This lab throws light on the techniques of designing and building power electronics circuits. It consists of Power electronics trainer kits, Chopper & inverter control units, thyristor controllers, oscilloscopes, LCR meters and multimeters. Students learn to deal with all kinds of electrical machine-drives and required subsystems

Control & Instrumentation Lab

This lab introduces about the fundamentals of Instrumentation and control system with practical exposure. The facilities and equipments available in the Laboratory enable the students to do experiments such as modeling of systems, position and speed control of AC/DC motors, controller and compensator design, measurement of pressure, temperature, displacement, strain, flow, power, energy and signal conditioning, etc.This lab is also equipped with sufficient number of CROs, AFO and necessary equipment. Synchros, Controller design kit. The lab provides facility to analyze the stability of the system using MATLAB software.

Power System Simulation Lab

This lab is well equipped with Licensed MATLAB, Power World Simulator software comprising

tool boxes like Neural Network, Fuzzy logic, Control System, Power System etc., which integrates the mathematical computing visualization and a powerful language to provide a flexible environment for technical computing.

S.No Date Activity Expert’s Detail
1 7/19/2014 Inauguration of EEE Department Association (ELITE) Dr.P.R.Venkateswaran,Senior Engineer, BHEL, Trichy
2 7/31/2014 Guest Lecture on industrial automation Er. Sivasankar,Application Engineer, Excel Automation Solutions, Chennai
3 8/25/2014 Guest Lecture on MEMS in defence application Dr.V.Natrajan,Project Director,Scientist “F”NPOL,DRDO,Cochin
4 2/2/2015 One Day Seminar on Digital signal processing Dr.Ashok Rao, Former Head,CEDT,                                 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
5 3/16/2015 One day Seminar”on Artificial Neural
Network Applications
Dr. Paulraj Murugesan
DEAN/EEE, University of Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia.
6 3/28/2015 National conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical Engineering Sponsored by ISTE(TN&P) Section Dr.P.SIVAKUMAR Director & Outstanding Scientist,CVRDE,DRDO, Avadi, Chennai.
7 6/21/2015 Seminar on Medical Electronics and MOU ceremony with Purdue University, USA Prof.Dr.Raji,
Dept of ECET, Purdue University, USA.
8 6/19/2015 Tamil Mandram -Inaguration Kalaimamani Dr.Ilasai Sundaram
8 7/21/2015 Tamil Mandram-Event Pattimandram Kavingar.Mu.Ramalingam,Madurai
9 2/2/2016 Guest lecture on higher studies in USA Dr.Jeyverasamy, Director, Center for Computer Science Education & Outreach,
University of Texas at Dallas, USA
10 3/19/2016 Tamil Mandram-Event Pattimandram Kavingar.Mathukkur Ramalingam,Madurai.
11 7/8/2016 Guest Lecture on “Industrial Automation” Er.P.Karthikeyan , Business Development Engineer,   Axis global automation,Coimbatore.

The student chapters ISTE and Electrical and Electronics Engineering Association regularly organizes add on courses ,hands-on training, seminars, paper presentation contests, quizzes and workshops. The membership with this society helps the students to participate in various events with reduction in the fee. Students are also motivated to publish journals in the ISTE society which will give them an additional credit for their job opportunity.

Research facilities available

Apart from the projects funded by the external funding agencies, the department has taken up various research projects with the support of institution, in the area of power quality and renewable energy to cater the societal needs and further strengthen the consultancy services offered by the department. Which make the students and faculty to easily apply their academic learning to solve real time engineering problems and consequently develop solutions to cater the needs of the society from an engineering perspective.

Value added Courses

The joint venture with various organizations facilitates the students as well as the faculty to keep pace with the latest technologies pertaining to their chosen field of studies. The students have the option to choose the courses according to their interest. From the expertise our students gain knowledge through the value added programmes, which will enable them to face the formidable challenges of the future. To provide training and guidance to the students on the various aspects of building a career and to assist them in exploring new opportunities

Available Courses:

  • Mat lab
  • AutoCAD
  • Power world Simulator
  • Soft Skills
  • Motor Rewinding
  • Industrial Automation


S.No Name of the Student No. of offers Name of the Company
1 Archanapriyanka P 3 SV Dynamic Organization(India) Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Zenith Group, Erode, Aegis Limited

2 Balakrishnan A 3 Just Connect Electricals, Chennai

Aegis Limited, Aagna

3 Arockia Merlin 2 VI Microsystems, Chennai

Imperial Society of India, Jalandar, Noida

4 Bala Nandhini R 2 SV Dynamic Organization(India) Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Zenith Group, Erode

5 Thilagavathy R 2 Imperial Society of India, Jalandar, Noida

AXIS Global Automation, Chennai

6 Indhuja V 2 SV Dynamic Organization(India) Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Zenith Group, Erode

7 Arumugam M 1 AXIS Global Automation, Chennai
8 Jeyaprakash R 1 AXIS Global Automation, Chennai
9 Lavin Chandar C 1 AXIS Global Automation, Chennai
10 Kaviya P 1 AXIS Global Automation, Chennai
11 Anitha K 1 AXIS Global Automation, Chennai
12 Navaneetha Krishnan.M 1 AXIS Global Automation, Chennai
13 Rajavelpandian V 1 AXIS Global Automation, Chennai
14 Rathinam D 1 AXIS Global Automation, Chennai
15 Rajalakshmi R 1 AXIS Global Automation, Chennai
16 Shyam Sundar S 1 AXIS Global Automation, Chennai
17 Karthick.K 1 VI Microsystems, Chennai
18 Kameshkannan M 1 VI Microsystems, Chennai
19 Sneha B 1 VI Microsystems, Chennai
20 Lingeswaran V 1 VI Microsystems, Chennai
21 Vinothkumar S 1 VI Microsystems, Chennai
22 Ponnan S 1 Jaffar Generators, Dindigul
23 Santhosh Balajee J 1 Jaffar Generators, Dindigul
24 Jeganathan B 1 Jaffar Generators, Dindigul
25 Sathiya Priya R 1 Aegis Limited


Total number of students placed: 25

Total numbers of offers : 33

The Head of the Department,

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,

SSM Institute of Engineering and Technology,

Dindigul – 624 002.

Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone: 0451 – 2448846.

E-mail Id: hodeeessmiet@gmail.com

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