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Dr.V.Shunmughavel is working as Professor & Head in the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at SSM Institute of Engineering and Technology. He is having 17.1 years of teaching experience and 9 years of industrial experience. His research is mainly focused on Data Mining & Information Retrieval.

Contact: shunsvel@gmail.com

  • Ph.D. Information & Communication Engineering, Anna University, Chennai.
  • M.E. (Computer Science & Engineering), Anna University, Chennai.

Dr.V.Shunmughavel has published his research works in 7 Reputed International Journals, 5 International conferences and 7 National conferences.

International Journals:

  • Shunmughavel, V & Jaganathan, P 2015, ‘A concept based ontology mapping method for effective retrieval of bio medical documents’, Journal of Medical Imaging and Health Informatics, ISSN: 2156-7018, vol.5, no.5, pp.926-935, (Anna Univaersity Chennai Annexure I).
  • Arockia Christopher, AB & Shunmughavel, V 2016 “Large Scale Data Analysis on Aviation Accident Database using different Data Mining Techniques”. Aeronautical Journal, Royal Aeronautical Society, London, ISSN: 0001 9240 (Anna University Chennai Annexure I.)
  • Shunmughavel, V & Jaganathan, P 2014, ‘An intelligent bio-medical document retrieval using concept map identification’, Journal of Emerging Technologies in Web Intelligence, vol. 6, no. 4, pp. 408-415, (Annexure II).
  • Divya Bharathi, P Shunmugavel, V 2015, ‘A Neighbor Based Dynamic Estimate Rebroadcasting Approach for Efficient Routing In Mobile Adhoc Networks’ IJAIR Vol 4 Issue 03 Mar 2015.
  • Pornima S, Shunmughavel, V2015 ‘Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search Using Exponential Ratio’,IJAIR Vol 4 Issue 03 Mar 2015.
  • Gomathi N, Shunmughavel V, 2016 “An GPS Based Face Recognition Using DWT Algorithm” International Journal of Future Innovative Science and Technology, ISSN: 2454- 1966 Volume-2, Issue-2, May – 2016.
  • Surya Prabha M, Shunmughavel V, 2016 “Particle Swarm Optimization Based Video Object Co-Segmentation” International Journal of Future Innovative Science and Engineering Research (IJFISER), Volume – 2, Issue -2, ISSN: 2454- 1966.

International Conferences: 

  • Shunmughavel, V 2014, ‘A Survey on Ontology Evolution” Third International Conference on Design and Application of Structures, Drives, Communicational and Computing Systems, CSE, K.L.N.College of Information Technology, Dec 19-20.
  • Shunmughavel, V 2014, ‘A proposed algorithm for Privacy protection in personalized web search” Third International Conference on Design and Application of Structures, Drives, Communicational and Computing Systems, CSE, K.L.N.College of Information Technology, Dec 19-20.
  • Shunmughavel, V & Jaganathan, P 2012, ‘Semantic enrichment in ontology mapping using concept similarity computing’, IEEE-Fourth International Conference on Advanced Computing, ICoAC 2012 MIT, Anna University, Chennai, December 13-15.
  • Shunmughavel, V & Jaganathan, P 2010, ‘Designing health care forum using semantic search engine & diagnostic ontology’, International Conference on Computers, Communication & Intelligence (ICCI’2010), July 22-23.
  • Shunmughavel, V 2009 “Survey of current approaches in Ontology based Query Systems and Research issues in the Semantic Web TechnologyInternational Conference on Emerging Trends in Computing, ICETic 2009, CSE, Kamaraj College of Engineering & Technology, Virudhunagar Jan 8 -10.

National Conferences: 

  • Shunmughavel, V 2010 ‘Capturing Organizational Behaviour using Ontology’ National Conference at KLNCIT,Pottapalayam, Sivagangai Feb 4-5.
  • Shunmughavel, V 2010 ‘Knowledge Based System Using Idea Ontology” National Conference, KLNCIT,Pottapalayam, Sivagangai Feb 4-5.
  • Shunmughavel, V 2007 ‘Dynamic configuration of Hosts in MANET’ National Conference, CSE, Govt college of Engineering, Tirunelveli Apr 2 2007.
  • Shunmughavel, V 2007 ‘Pattern Recognition using Neural Networks and Feature Extraction’ National Conference STREAK 2007, CSE, Kamaraj College of Engineering & Technology, Mar 28-29.
  • Shunmughavel, V 2007 Dynamic Address Assignment in Mobile Adhoc Network by using Distributed Protocol ‘ ’ National Conference ACENET 07, CSE, PSNA College of Engineering & Technology, Mar 17.
  • Shunmughavel, V 2006 ‘Open sensor Web Architecture using Sensor Grid Computing and Research Issues’ National Conference, WINGS 2006, CSE, KLN College of Engineering, Mar 9-10.
  • Shunmughavel, V 2002 ‘IT in Business’ XXXVII National Convention, Computer Society of India, IISc, Bangalore, Oct 29-31.

Received Best Participated College Award for IBM Great Mind Challenge project contest all over India for the year 2013-14.

Received the Best Participated College Award in Tamil Nadu from the ICT Academy for the year 2012.

EDC Grants from AICTE

  • Received Rs.7.20 Lakhs from AICTE grant for EDC (Entrepreneurship Development Cell) : 2010-11
  • Received Rs.6 Lakhs from AICTE grant for EDC (Entrepreneurship Development Cell) : 2011-12



Dr.V.Shunmughavel is having 17 years of teaching and 9 years of industrial experience.

Teaching Experience:

  • Professor & Head (CSE), SSM Institute of Engg and Tech, Dindigul; August 2017 to till date.
  • Professor & Dean (CSE), V.S.B. Engineering College, Karur, Jan 2016 to June 2017.
  • Professor & Head (CSE) K.L.N.College of Information Technology, Madurai, Feb 2008 to Nov 2016.
  • Assistant Professor, Raja College of Engineering College, Madurai, June 2001 to Jun 2008. 

Industrial Experience:

  • Centre Manager, First Computers, Madurai, Mar 1996 – Feb 2001.
  • System Analyst, Vivek Software House, Madurai, July 1992 – Feb 1996.
  • Programmer, GK Steel Industries, Dindigul, Apr 1991- June 1992.
  • Teaching Assistant, Datapro, Madurai, Feb 1991-Apr 1991 

Research Experience:

  • Recognized research Supervisor in Anna University Chennai.
  • Faculty, Information and Communication Engineering.
  • Reference Number: 2940036
  • Life Membership, Indian Society for Technical Education


  • Attended 3 Days Faculty Development program on “Advanced Database” at KLNCIT during     the year 2005.
  • Attended 2 Days Faculty Development program on “IBM Rational Unified Process” at KLNCE during the year 2007.
  • Attended one day Workshop on “Pervasive Computing at KCET, Madurai during the year 2008.
  • Attended one day Workshop on “Research Trends in Semantic Web” at VCET, Madurai during the year 2009.
  • Attended 2 days Conference on Accreditation-ICA 2011 at R.M.K Engineering College, Chennai, 18th & 19th May 2011.
  • Attended one day Conference on ICTACT Bridge-12 at Royal Lemeridian, Chennai, 22nd Feb, 2012.
  • One day International Seminar on “Academic Management of the Engineering Programme to Meet Net age Challenges” jointly with NITTTR, Chennai, 12th Sep 2012.
  • Attended one day International Conference on ICTACT Bridge 2012 at Sangam Hotel Madurai, 13th,14th & 15th Dec


  • National conference “ECNT’ 08” at KLNCIT, Mar’08.
  • Workshop on “C# and .Net Framework” at KLNCIT,July’08.
  • National Level Symposium at KLNCIT,Sep’08.
  • Workshop on “Visual Programming” at KLNCIT,July’09.
  • Faculty Development Programme on “Research Issues & Challenges in Information & Communication Engg” at KLNCIT, Feb’10.
  • Faculty Development Programme on “Middleware Technologies” at KLNCIT,July’10.
  • National Seminar on “Machine Learning and Soft Computing” at KLNCIT,Dec’10.
  • National Conference on “Emerging Trends in Computing and Networking Technologies” at KLNCIT, Mar’11.
  • Faculty Development Programme on “Internet Computing and Web Services” at KLNCIT, Aug’11.
  • Faculty Development Programme on “Research Based Simulation Techniques in image processing & Mobile Computing” at KLNCIT, Feb’12.
  • DRDO Sponsored Seminar on “Security and Privacy in Cloud Computing” at KLNCIT, Aug’12.
  • 2 days workshop on “Network Simulator” at KLNCIT, Mar’13.
  • One day EDC-Seminar on “Identification of Business Opportunities Business plan preparation & Guidelines to start New Business, 22/1/13
  • One day CSI Sponsored Intra College Student Convention Program (TechnoSpark’13-18/2/13)
  • One day EDC Sponsored One Day Student Development Program on  “Technology Entrepreneurship in Computer Science”- 20/2/13
  • One day EDC Sponsored I – Cube Contest-5/3/13
  • Two-Day Workshop on Network Simulator-7/3/13 & 8/3/13
  • National Level Student Symposium-CYBORG-13-4.10.13
  • Workshop on Network Design-7.11.13
  • One day workshop on Mobile Application Development –  24/2/14
  • CSI-Student’s Branch-Intra College Student Convention 26/2/14
  • Microsoft Dream spark TechnoVanza-2014-13/3/14
  • EDC –I Cube Context-25/3/14
  • Operating System –Case study Lab 6/3/14 & 7/3/14
  • MACH-2 Embedded Programming-3/1/14
  • CSI –Golden Tech – Bridge Program-18.07.14
  • EDC -Seminar by Industrial Experts “ Entrepreneurs awareness Program-09.08.14
  • “Namma Madurai”- 12.08.14
  • National Level Technical Symposium Cyborg’14-10.10.14
  • International Conference-ICDASDC2014- 19.12.14 & 20.12.14
  • Power seminar on “Employability to Deploy ability” by ICTACT-01.15
  • EDC I-Cube Context-03.15
  • Microsoft Dream spark TechnoVanza-2014-03.15-
  • CSI-Student’s Branch-Intra College Student Convention-03.15
  • Actively involved in 90 Increase in Intake, 120 Increase in Intake & PG affiliation process.
  • CSE department, K.L.N.College of Information technology accredited by NBA for 3 years under my leadership in the year 2012.
  • Actively involved in the preparation of NBA New format (Washington accord) for CSE Department, K.L.N.College of Information Technology in the year 2015
  • Actively involved and faced the VSB Engineering College NAAC Peer Team onsite assessment in the year 2016.

Various Positions Held at KLNCIT:

  • College EDC coordinator
  • Information Technology Support Head (ITSG Head)
  • IBM Centre of Excellence Coordinator
  • Quality Management System (QMS) – ISO Management Representative (MR)