Class Room

SSMIET provides the platonic ideal classroom that facilitates Teaching –learning process. We have emptied our think tank to give our students with the best ambience that provides comfort and fosters learning. The classrooms with adequate space, allowing natural light and air quality, provide a student-friendly environment for learning. Every classroom is equipped with modern teaching aids like LCD projectors, inbuilt audio speakers and Wi-Fi connectivity make learning a wonderful endeavour.

Not to be Left behind, all the class rooms sport LCD projector and turn out to be smart class rooms where fascinating, intuitive and enlighting presentations by the faculty inspire the taught to learn the curriculum with illustrations and live
examples from the industry.

Students are strictly expected

  • To be polite, dignified, neat and obedient.
  • To be seated in the lecture hall, five minutes before the commencement of the class.
  • To stand up as a mark of respect when a faculty enters or leaves the class room.
  • To maintain discipline and silence inside the lecture hall/drawing hall / labs / workshops / college bus.
  • Not to loiter outside the classroom in between the lecture hours.
  • To bring their own calculators, drawing instruments, charts, data book etc., whenever needed.
  • To take care of their belongings and not to bring any valuable items to the college.
  • Not to use MOBILE/WALKMAN/CAMERA inside the college campus/college bus.
  • To avoid chewing bubble gum, chocolate and any edible items during working hours.
  • To wear their own lab coats and bring observation notebooks & record note books to the labs/classes regularly.
  • To submit the record of experiments done in a practical class in the next lab class itself.
  • To be very attentive while doing their lab experiments.
  • To complete the experiments within the time limit given.