Automobile Engineering


To constantly impart the automotive industry based quality education, skills, attributes and research activities to the students and to reach highest level in the field of automotive engineering.


  • To create professionals who contribute significantly to the design, re-design, research and development in the automotive industry.
  • To develop ‘educational pathways’ so that students can maximize on their optional career choices.
  • To develop the students technically strong and competent by 2020 and main contributors.

 About the Department

Automobile Engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with designing, manufacturing and operating automobiles like motorcycles, buses, trucks, etc., and its subsystems. Automobile Engineering incorporates mechanical, electrical, electronic, software & safety elements and this sector always need experts in vehicle designing, manufacturing and servicing.

Keep this in mind, SSMIET took a plunge into this challenging field of Automobile Engineering and established the Department of Automobile Engineering in 2011. It offers B.E., Automobile Engineering course under UG program with an annual intake of 60 students. The objective of Automobile Engineering program is to nurture the students with creativity, research orientation and finest qualities in order to excel in this domain. The academic activities are so planned in a way to accelerate the understanding of fundamental principles and provide a broad exposure in the design, development and testing of automobiles to the students. This program train the students well aware with latest technological developments, challenges and diverse needs of the various areas of automobile industry through good practical study, industrial exposure and industry based value added courses.

The department has well equipped class rooms and laboratories like Vehicle Maintenance and Repair lab, Automotive Components Lab, Two and Three Wheeler Lab, CAD & CAE Lab, Automotive Fuel and Lubricants Lab, Engine Performance and Emission Testing Lab, Automotive Electrical and Electronics Lab to cater the needs of the students. The department has the 11 faculty members qualified from renowned academic institutes and also from industries background.

Automobile Engineering students at SSMIET are exposed to work with the industries as an internship activity during the course and regular industrial visits to renowned industries like TAFE, TOYOTA, etc., is one of the key activities of this department. Apart from academic activity, the department frequently brings the industry and academic experts through SAE to deliver the special lectures on emerging trends, challenges and needs in automotive sectors to the students. The department always encourage and guide the students to participate in national level competitions organized by SAE, ISIE, ISNEE etc., The Automobile Engineering Association & SAE-SSMIET Club is consistently conducting various activities like Vehicle Safety Riding programme, Traffic Awareness programme, Vehicle Maintenance and Servicing programmes, Fuel Injector Pump Calibration Programme, Design and Fabrication of ATV, Go-Kart, Solar Bike vehicle Programme etc.

Programme Objectives:

  • Graduates will be able to use a multiple skill set as artistic, creative, technical knowledge, effective planner, precision, meticulous, punctual and systematic to design and manufacture the automotive ancillary parts with eco-friendly.
  • Students will be able to apply mechanical, thermodynamic, Pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical principles to resolving problems and find appropriate solutions.

Programme Outcomes:

  • Graduates will be able to apply the various basic knowledge of science, intellectual practical skills, mathematical, statistical, engineering technological and problem solving ability in a professional career in any automotive industry.
  • Graduates will be able to design, model and analyze the prototype as well as real model and to conduct the various tests in product development environment through software tools technologies
  • Students can able to think innovatively with the capacity to combine or synthesize existing ideas, expertise in original ways, pro-acting, working in an imaginative way characterized by a high degree of innovation, divergent thinking and risk taking.
  • Students can able to play their roles in the various functions effectively and perfectly as team member, team leader and team manager in any automotive industry.
  • Have a global understanding, articulate the foundational assumptions, central ideas, dominant criticisms of the psychoanalytic, gestalt and cognitive approaches to psychology.
  • Top level of communication effectively across all design and management interface levels of an organization.
Professor & Head
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
M.E., (Ph.D.,)
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Mr.M.Ananda Murugan
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Technical Assistant
Technical Assistant
Mr.S.Jeya Prathap
Technical Assistant
Technical Assistant

The Department has state-of the-art laboratory facilities like

  • Automotive components lab,
  • Vehicle maintenance & Re-conditioning lab,
  • Two & Three wheeler lab,
  • Automotive Fuels & lubricants lab,
  • Automotive Electrical & Electronics lab,
  • Engine performance & Emission Testing lab,
  • Computer Aided Design and Simulation lab

for students to get good exposure and practical hands on training during their lab sessions

S.No Date Event details Venue/Expert details
51 07.03.2017 E.Vignesh Raj, A.Rojer Ragul and M.Vivek 3rd year students participated in the one day national level seminar program on “Bio-Diesel as Alternative & Emission Characteristics” M.Kumarasamy College of Engineering, Karur.
50 02.03.2017 V.Sundraraj, B.Seenivasan, M.Rajkumar, R.Balakumaran, V.Soorya, J.Hubert are participated and achieved “Best Innovation award” in 80cc mini-bike category in the event AUTOFEST-2017. KarpagaVinayaga College of Engineering and Technology, Madurantagam..
49 02.03.2017 P.VinothArumugam , M.Pandeeswaran, T.Gul Deepak, P.Jegan, G.Diwakar, J.Jeevanantham 2nd year students were participated and won 1st prize in e-bike and solar bike categoryin the event AUTOFEST-2017 KarpagaVinayaga College of Engineering and Technology, Madurantagam..
48 17.02.2017 3rd year students visited “Hero Motor-Corp”. PalaniappaMotors,Dindigul.
47 10.02.2017 2nd year students participated in “ TECH-Expo 2017” Confederation of Indian Industry, Fortune Pandiyan Hotel, Madurai.
46 03.02.2017 3rd year students visited the “Yamaha Service School” Community college, Gandhigram Rural Institute, Gandhigram, Dindigul.
45 25.12.2016 3rd year students (Team Scintillators) started their Formula-1 Motor car  project to participate in the national level event “Formula Green Motor Championship” conducted by Indian Society of  New Era Engineers. Coimbatore.
44 23.12.2016 2nd year and 3rd year students (Team PropellerzV2.0) started their Electric and Solar car project to participate in the national level event “ESVC 2k17” conducted by Imperial Society of Automotive Engineers. Andhra Pradesh.
43 22.12.2016 2nd year and 3rd year students were participated in the various streamlined  NPTEL online certification courses. SSMIET, Dindigul.
42 15.10.2016 P.VinothArumugam 2nd year automobile student achieved the “Dr.Kalam Young Achiever Award” for the project “Mini


World Youth Federation, Anna University Chennai.
41 08.10.2016 2nd year and 3rd year students participated in  the state level project expo for “ Dr.Kalam Young Achiever Award” conducted by World Youth Federation. SSMIET, Dindigul.
40 29.09.2016 3rd year students participated in the one day work shop “Engine Testing & Emission Measurements”. Tamilnadu College of Engineering, Coimbatore.
39 23.09.2016 2nd and 3rd year students participated in the mini bike event “RIDE 16” and secured 2nd position in the  e-Bike category. SAE India and Karpagam college of engineering, Coimbatore.
38 03.09.2016 Final year students attended the seminar of “Vehicle dynamics and Automotive System Training program“ Mr.Kabilan,                       Car labs-Madurai.
37 24.08.2016             To             02.09.2016 Final year students belongs to department of automobile engineering attended the one week aptitude & soft skills training program. Smart Technologies, Banglore.
36 24.08.2016 Final year students attended the seminar program “Essential Qualities required to Hire” Mr.M.Lakhsmanan, Chief operating officer,          Kavin Engineering and Services, Coimbatore.
35 11.08.2016


Final year students attended the guest lecture given by “Mr.K.P.AjitMenon.,Exectutive Director” from Namakkal Transport Corporation  


34 06.08.2016


Final year automobile engineering students attended the awareness program about core industries opportunities given by Mr.S.Valliappan, HR Manager, Wheels India, Chennai. SSMIET
33 01.08.2016 2nd, 3rd and final year students attended the guest lecture “Industry Ready Human Assets”. Mr. PattabiramanKrishnaswamy,             Head-accreditation Process, TCS- Chennai
32 22.07.2016 3rd year and final year students attended the software demo on “CATIA, Pro-E, CAD software”. CAD solutions,        SSMIET.
31 21.07.2016 2nd, 3rd and final year students were attended the workshop on “How To Ride Safe on Two-Wheelers” HERO Motor corp,  chief Engineers.
30 19.07.2016 Final year and 3rd year students attended the One-day International workshop on “Motor Sports Engineering”. Kumaraguru College of Engineering & Technology, Coimbatore.
29 18.07.2016 Final year students attended the “Communication Skill Development Demo program” given by VOICE institute. SSMIET
28 09.07.2016 Final year students attended the pre-placement training program. Mr.Kannan, HR department, TVS rubbers and Tyres, Madurai.
27 20.06.2016             To             24.06.2016 Final year automobile students attended the  “CATIA- Software Training Program” Mr.P.Rajesh, Mr.S.Mohanasundaram.


26 20.06.2016



Final year students attended the program “Effective Communication Skill Development”.  

SSMIET, Dindigul

25 30.03.2016 Seminar on “How to Become an Entrepreneur” Mr.Hari Thiyagarajan, Chairmen-ThiyarajanMills,Madurai
24 26.03.2016 seminar on “ Employability Skill” Mrs.Malinisaravanan, senior HR Manager,Hitachi-chennai
23 22.03.2016 Won “BEST SELFIE award” & “BEST APPRECIATION award” in the national level “Electric Solar Vehicle competition 2016” Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers at Bhopal.
22 19.03.2016 2nd year and 3rd year students attended the guest lecture on “Advanced Manufacturing and Materials” Dr.RamPrabhu, DRDO Scientist,Banglore
21 29.02.2016 2nd year & 3rd year students attended the “Fire & Safety” awareness program Fire protection Team


20 21.02.2016 3rd& Final year students participated in Final round of the event “BAJA 2016” with their fabricated vehicle(BAJA BUGGY) Society of Automotive Engineers(SAE), Pithambur,


19 10.02.2016



2nd& 3rd year automobile and   mechanical engineering students participated in “Two Wheeler Dismantling & Assembling Workshop” Mr.R.Vivek Kumar,

Assistant Professor,


18 02.02.2016 3rd year automobile engineering students attended the guest lecture. Dr.JayaKesavanVeerasamy,

Director, Centre for Computer Science Education, University of TEXAS at Dallas, USA

17 01.02.2016


GATE coaching classes started for 3rd year automobile engineering students Dr.R.Palanichamy,

Principal, SSMIET, Dindigul.

16 05.10.2015



Final year students participated in “Skill Enhancement Program” Renault Nissan & Centre of University of Industrial Collaboration,Annauniversity,Chennai.
15 18.09.2015




Final year students participated in “STUDENT CONVENTION’2015”


Vellore Institute of Technology,


14 01.09.2015




Final year students attended the one month communication skill development Progam Mr. AshishSahay,

NSDC, Mumbai.

13 7.08.2015




Final year students attended the “SIM Pack Design software” training program Mr.Kabilan,

Software trainer,

CAR LABS, Madurai.

12 29.07.2015 3rd year students participated in “ICTACT Youth Entrepreneurship summit 2015” ICT Academy of Tamilnadu,

Raja MuthiahMandram, Madurai.

11 17.07.2015




Final year student secured2nd position in CNC Milling Challenge event in the programme of “STUDENT CONVENTION’2015” Tier-II KamarajCollege of Engineering and Technology, Virudhunagar
10 15.07.2015



3rd& final year students selected as volunteer for the National Level Event “Supra SAE 2k15” SAEINDIA ,

Madras Motor Race Track, Chennai.

9 09.07.2015



Final year students participated in the Video-seminar on “Vehicle dynamics” Dr.Thomas Gillespie, Retd-Professor, IIT-Madras.
8 10.04.2015 Final year and 3rd year students participated in a workshop on“Automobile Design And Career Guidance” Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore.
7 04.04.2015



Final year students participated in “SAEISS TREK” program. SAE INDIA,

Kalasalingam University, virudhunagar.

6 01.04.2015




Final year students participated in International Conference on “Innovative Trends in Mechanical, Material,Manufacturing, Automobile & Aeronautical Engineering” Bapatla Engineering College,

Andhra Pradesh.

5 19.03.2015



2nd year students participated in “ Auto Synergy”, workshop at Pinnacle 2015 College of Engineering Guindy,

Anna University, Chennai.



3rd year students secured 1st place&2nd places in various event at “ NAKSHA’15 PSNA College of Engineering & Technology,


3 12.02.2015 2nd year students participated in “MINI DIRT BIKE” event of   “YUGAM 2015” Kumaraguru College Of Technology, Coimbatore
2 30.01.2015



3rd& final year students participated in “STUDENT CONVENTION-2014”


SAE India Southern Section ,

Kalasalingam University, Srivilliputhur.

1 27.01.2015



2nd year students participated in “ GO-KART Championship-2K15” Kari Motors,


Students Achievements:

S.No Students Name Achievement Year of Passing



Mr. M.Praveen Kumar

Achieved “The Student of the Year 2014” award by students ISTE chapter.  





Mr. V.Shankar Ganesh

Achieved “The Best Student Award 2015” by students ISTE chapter.  



University Rank Holders

Our students have proven academic results and capable to get university ranks in Anna University examinations.


 Batch 2011 – 2015









  Batch 2012 – 2016




















S.No Batch No. of Companies No. of students Enrolled No. of Students Placed
2 2013 – 2017 11* 47 33*
1 2012 – 2016 16 42 35


* Upto February 2017.

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE):


To provide Strong Technical Knowledge for the student members and encourage them to build up their interpersonal skills.

Objectives of the Club:

To conduct

  • Seminar Programs,
  • Workshops,
  • Technical Symposiums,
  • Technical Training programs
  • Social Activities.


                The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) SSMIET Collegiate Club has been functioning successfully, since 2013 in our college. Presently, the club has around 150 members from various departments. Our Automobile Engineering department conducts various events and activities collaborated with SAEINDIA.Our students were participating in various national level events like BAJA, SUPRA, Go-Kart, Mini Bike competition, etc. organized by SAE INDIA.

Our SSMIET COLLEGIATE Club & SAE INDIA organized various levels of workshop training programs, Seminar programs and Industrial visits,etc.

Focused On:

All efforts are on now with a single minded purpose to propel the automotive engineering profession by focusing on three trends occurring in the automotive industry today that affect all automotive engineers and engineering societies.

  • The first of these trends is simultaneous engineering the integration of the roles of design engineer, manufacturing engineer, supplier, marketer, and planner.
  • The second trend is the increased reliance of auto manufacturers on suppliers and design houses to support the design and manufacturing functions.
  • The third factor crucial to an internationalized auto industry is standards as communication, as a basis for regulation, and as an aid to interchangeability.


Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers (ISIE)


They give platform to new start-ups, Innovative ideas and to passionate people, who really want to contribute to society. We set out with an obsession for concept development, one that was unheard in the corridors of green energy development. It was about a commitment to create value through innovation, quality, creativity, partnerships, openness and learning. It has created a road which is leading the world to a new direction laid out by ISIE. We are building our story with a belief in small hybrid and solar for a big future. Our story encourage millions of Indian youths to make drive their dreams. A comradeship had begun. Something incredible had begun.

SSMIET – ISIE Students Forum

IMPERIAL SOCIETY OF INNOVATIVE ENGINEERS (ISIE) is the most popular and favorite Motorsports, Education and Research Publication organization in India among engineering institutes and green energy research organization. ISIE become epicenter of green energy concept development in India.Our SSMIET ISIE Students Forum started at July 2015. In our SSMIET campus more than 30 students are members in ISIE club from our automobile department.

At first time our 2nd year and 3rd year students (TEAM PROPELLERZ) presented their Electric Solar car in the national level event “Electric and Solar Vehicle Championship 2016” and won Best Appreciation awardand cash rewards. Our PROPELLERZ team achieved12th position in national level and 3rd position in state level in the national level eventESVC 2016 conducted by ISIE at Bhopal. Presently the Team Propellerz V2.0 is ready to participate in the national level event “Electric & Solar Vehicle Championship 2k17” at Andhrapradesh.


  • Environment friendly Technology Development
  • Networking and Partnership
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Green Mobility
  • Qualities

Indian Society of New Era Engineers (ISNEE):


ISNEE aims to impart practical knowledge in students. A thorough professional is one who is both theoretically and practically sound, theory is what is taught in college and practical knowledge is what they acquire by taking part in the design challenges organized by ISNEE.

SSMIET ISNEE Students Forum

                ISNEE (Indian Society of New Era Engineers) is an organization that provides a platform to all the Engineering pursuing candidates to steer their path towards Technical and Managerial expertise. All the research and analysis that goes into the designing and fabrication of vehicles gives unmatched preeminence to the participants as compared to the others. Our SSMIET ISNEE Students Forum started at September 2016.In our campus more than 60 students are members in the Indian Society of New Era Engineers. 

                At first time automobile department students are going to participate in the national level “Formula Green Motor Car Championship”. 

Research facilities available:

The Faculty and students of our department get an exposure to research activities in IC Engines, Alternative Fuels, Automotive Design, Electric Vehicles, Engine systems, vehicle dynamics and new trends in Automotive Technology. Our department faculty members have involved invarious industrial project consultancies.

Value added Courses

To enrich the knowledge of the students in automobile domain, Automobile department has offered various courses in addition to the academic curriculum like,

Training Programmes:

  • Multi Body Dynamics Software Training
  • Modelling and Simulation Software Training
  • Two and Three wheeler dismantling, repairing & assembling
  • CNC & VMC Programming & Operations


  • Fuel Injection Pump Calibration.
  • Design of Suspension systems.
  • 2D & 3D Wheel Alignment .
  • Design and Fabrication of Go-Kart, ATV and Mini bikes.


The Head of the Department,

Department of Automobile Engineering.

SSM Institute of Engineering and Technology,

Dindigul – 624 002.

Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone: 0451 – 2448834.

E-mail Id:,


There are no upcoming events at this time.