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Alumni association contribution

SSMIET has a functional Alumni Association which was formed in academic year 2015- 2016, immediately after the first batch of students graduated from the institution.It was formed to fortify the bond among the alumni, foster ties between their families and stimulate social and intellectual interests.The Alumni Association organizes frequent alumni meets to keep in touch with the alumni. Since its inception, four alumni meets have been held, among which two are conducted in the college and one each in Chennai and Bangalore. The alumni participation in the local meets were around 30% and in the metros were around 5%.

The alumni association works to bridge the gap between the industry and academics.Illustrious alumni visit the campus to share their experience with our students and faculty members during Alumni Connect Session. The sessions delivered by them are on current topics, trends or informal interactions where queries of students related to job, curriculum and career growth are answered by a number of alumni. Three such sessions have been conducted in the past academic year. Besides, alumni also help in the development of the institution. They have contributed furniture for the association. The 2011-2015 batch students have provided 10 desktop computers to the institution whereas the 2012-2016 batch students have presented valuable books to our college library.